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The car Darwin Nunez could show off at Liverpool

By Charles Cornwall

The car Darwin Nunez could show off at Liverpool

The Uruguayan footballer earns a very good salary in the Premier League, with which he could buy this luxury car.

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Since his arrival at Liverpool, Darwin Nunez has been exciting fans with his goalscoring prowess and his his goalscoring instinct and his decision at the time of playing. They are also excited from Uruguay to have a world-class striker for the World Cup.

The footballer is performing well in his first steps in the Premier League, so the club awarded him a salary The club gave him a very high annual salary with which he can afford huge luxuries.

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Before arriving in England, the 23-year-old striker had excelled at Benfica, scoring 34 goals in 41 games last season, which equates to an average of 0.83 goals per game played. An ideal figure for any striker. In addition, he came from Almeria in Spain's La Liga, where he also had good numbers: 16 goals in 32 games.

According to Liverpool's official reports, Darwin Nunez enjoys a salary of 8.15 million dollars per season in the Premier League. With this amount of money he could make a shocking purchase to show off on the streets of England.

Bugatti Divo

One of his options is a luxury car which could be a Bugatti Divo priced at USD 5 million. This Bugatti car has an 8.0 W16 Quad-Turbo engine with a maximum power of 1500 horsepower. As for its top speed, it reaches 420 kilometres per hour and has an acceleration of 2.4 seconds to overcome the 100 km/h.

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