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The money Liverpool won after winning the Carabao Cup

An insignificant financial prize, but a story to remember forever

By Charles Cornwall

Liverpool champion of the Carabao Cup
Liverpool champion of the Carabao Cup
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The Reds are already preparing for their next matches, where they will be playing for a place in the next round of the FA Cup, when Southampton visit Anfield on Wednesday, after winning an epic final at Wembley last Sunday, where although the prize money was not so high, the team was enriched in many other ways.

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Jürgen Klopp had a great opportunity to visualize several young players who have a promising future, so the opportunities provided during this season in FA Cup to the young players, starting the development of their potential, in addition to the great experience for each of them, who now have the joy of being champions against a great rival, something that will give them reasons to continue working and earn a place as starters in the future.

So the enrichment of the youth players, plus the fans are very excited and this makes them stay very lively throughout the game, which helped the team a lot during the final, where it seemed that the game was played at Anfield thanks to the great commitment of the fans.

So the £200,000 Liverpool received in prize money is insignificant in the face of the great moral victory of the team. This is of great importance for the end of the season, where the Reds will have a very important test to overcome with so many injured players, so Jürgen Klopp will have to think properly about who will start the next game.

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The youngsters are in an excellent moment, and although the £200,000 is not a prize worth the money, now the Reds are confident enough to replicate this feat in the FA Cup, and will be looking to win the match against Southampton with a team full of youngsters, where the order of the players will be a determining factor in the match.

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