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A considerable advantage, Liverpool will have a good budget in the summer

By Charles Cornwall

A considerable advantage, Liverpool will have a good budget in the summer

In the midst of the search for a successor to Jürgen Klopp, he will have a great advantage.

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As much of the rest of the Premier League gets to grips with FFP (now PSR) regulations being implemented with proper punishments, Liverpool is in the minority. Under FSG, it has been run sensibly and sustainably. Just yesterday, it emerged, via the Daily Mail, that while Mauricio Pochettino is under pressure after a string of poor performances, Todd Boehly and co are unsure that firing him is possible without incurring a points deduction. It would cost around $12m to do so.

Harvey Elliott's mentality is vital for the proper functioning of Liverpool

The Premier League is currently discussing changes to FFP rules and how they are implemented, but clubs have known the current regulations for long enough that they should be able to comply. The Reds and several others have ensured they have done so. That means that while Liverpool is about to embark on a period of change, with Jürgen Klopp and Jörg Schmadtke among those who are departing, it is set up well enough to have as stable a transition as is reasonably possible. The first time that FSG employed Klopp, it got the right man in charge before getting the right players in.

Albeit this is easier said than done, Liverpool will need to repeat that process again with its Klopp replacement. Unlike Chelsea and various other slightly less crazy examples, it feels far more likely that the Reds would be able to do get that process right. Those in charge of finding the next manager will be led by the data and have proven to be astute before.

Liverpool's current position with FFP combined with the fact that it already has a very strong squad suggests that there will be scope to make the changes within the squad that are needed this summer too. Whoever comes in will play at least slightly differently from Klopp, but that won't be a stumbling block.

He overshadowed Cristiano Ronaldo and could now be Liverpool's star signing

Time for change

Chelsea might well be looking for a new coach if it can find sufficient wriggle room to fire Pochettino. Manchester United never feels far away from swapping out Erik ten Hag, either. But neither side is in as good a position as Liverpool to kick on regardless considering the current financial position it has put itself in and the state of the current playing staff. "This can only be to their benefit because every manager wants to stamp their style and their philosophy onto a club," Maguire continued. "In the case of Liverpool, that will be very much done in conjunction with the senior executives who form part of the recruitment committee."

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