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Alexander Arnold is clear on what he will do after Klopps last game at Liverpool

By Charles Cornwall

Alexander Arnold is clear on what he will do after Klopps last game at Liverpool

Reds defender has no doubts about his future with the club

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Given all this environment surrounding the departure of Jürgen Klopp from the team for the summer, much has been said about what each player will do once the German coach is no longer at Anfield, with some indications that several players will not choose to continue in the project that is not yet known who will lead from next season.

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One of the players who has been clear with his statements was defender Trent Alexander Arnold, making it clear that within this whole situation he envisions himself closing the season on top of a convertible bus riding around Liverpool, as a sign of wanting to see the whole group celebrating winning as many titles as possible before a new era is about to begin.

Contrary to several of his teammates, TAA is not thinking beyond the end of the current season, giving Klopp the place he deserves as a manager and not imagining situations that may arise in his departure, and although he knows that his departure is imminent, he has decided to think of the positive rather than the nostalgic.

These words of Alexander Arnold serve not to give any indication of what he intends to do once Klopp leaves the institution, leaving that to the imagination of others so as not to provoke some kind of scandal that could harm him and his teammates from their main objective which is to obtain all possible titles.

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This institution that has given the greatest joys and sorrows to Trent Alexander Arnold could soon see him leave for another team, talking that his possible suitor would be Real Madrid, a club that could do everything to get his signature, leaving the player to decide his future before the changes that are approaching, demonstrating for the moment a great loyalty to have said only think about obtaining more titles before talking about the new project or a possible farewell to the club.