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Arsenal do not benefit from refereeing, but the Reds are at a disadvantage

By Charles Cornwall

 Arsenal do not benefit from refereeing, but the Reds are at a disadvantage

Jürgen Klopp and his players will always be at a disadvantage

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Although Arsenal's match against Liverpool is one of the most promising spectacles during this 23rd Premier League matchday, this game is not except to fall apart because of bad refereeing decisions as it has happened in the past, and Klopp and his people must fight for it not to be that way and to get the three points from a visit that compromises their leadership.

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But even though the match against Arsenal may be completely free of any inequality against the Reds, this institution has been harmed by an important change in their schedule for the second month of the year 2024, and according to the information revealed by the X account of EstoEsAnfield, it is said that Liverpool will face Luton Town days before their Carabao Cup match against Chelsea.

This game, which should be postponed due to the grand final match at Wembley, will be played by Liverpool, not giving the Reds adequate preparation as they will have to play the Premier League on Wednesday, February 21 before having to think about what could be the first of four titles they can win in their last season in charge of the team.

As for Chelsea's clash against Tottenham before the final, not much is known at the moment, only that it continues with the status of postponed, but with no news that it will be played days before the Carabao CUP, but if the Blues do not play against Spurs in midweek as the Reds will play against Luton, this will be another injustice against the Reds, continuing the attempts to harm this institution that unlike other years, this time the team can solve and withstand the traps.

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The clear example that the Reds can overcome many injustices against them is what happened at the beginning of the season against Tottenham, a rival to which the referees gave them the victory that cost the Reds an early lead, but even so, Klopp knew how to get back on track and today they have been the tournament leaders for several weeks, being no problem for Klopp to have this kind of obstacles before and during the Carabao Cup duel, showing Liverpool to be much more of a team than Chelsea and much smarter than the federation that makes these changes against them.

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