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Astrid Wett offended Liverpool and Nunez made a fool of her at Anfield

Karma for Chelsea is not only present on the Anfield pitch

By Charles Cornwall

 Darwin Nunez señalando a Astrid Wett Darwin Nunez pointing at Astrid Wett
Darwin Nunez señalando a Astrid Wett Darwin Nunez pointing at Astrid Wett
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While on the Anfield pitch players like Moises Caicedo and Enzo Fernandez paid dearly for their disinterest in Liverpool during the summer transfer window, in the stands karma came early for Astrid Wett, a young model and Chelsea supporter who, after several offenses against the Reds, got what she deserved thanks to attacker Darwin Nunez.

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While the criticism towards the Reds and the booing of the You'll Never Walk Alone chants were part of the offenses that Astrid launched towards the Merseyside team, from the field of play Darwin Nunez in one of his many attempts to score his goal of the night was slightly deflected by a brush with the crossbar, directing the ball to the area where Wett could only close his eyes to dodge the ball, which fortunately ended up being deflected by a fan who was one row in front of her.

Another mockery that this Chelsea "fan" made was during the penalty shot by Darwin Nunez, having a mocking reaction after the Uruguayan's failure, celebrating with shouts while telling Pantera Nunez "u are a fucking sheet", having to surely regret her words when the Reds were beating her team by a score of 4-1 where Nunez was the assistant of the last goal.

This model, who is said to be in a relationship with Nicolas Jackson, saw the Reds beat her team in the most humiliating way possible, having this Blues fan the opportunity to seek revenge at Wembley for the final of the Carabao Cup, a cup that Liverpool looks like the clear favorite to lift it and even more after this result with less than a month to go.

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In the same match, Klopp and his players could make more than one Chelsea player angry, and while Jürgen has managed to maintain a positive streak against Pochettino, Szoboszlai and Mac Allister proved to be better than Caicedo and Fernandez, not to mention Astrid Wett who was almost hit by a shot from Darwin Nunez, not to mention that Jota, Diaz and Darwin proved to be better in attack than Nicolas Jackson, a player who did not even appear on the bench for the match.

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