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City legend who fell in love with Anfield, Guardiola weeps

Liverpool captivates all its rivals without exception

By Charles Cornwall

A Manchester City legend and Guardiola worried
A Manchester City legend and Guardiola worried
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After Liverpool's victory over Burnley on matchday 24 of the Premier League, one of the topics of conversation after the game was the historic attendance record that the Anfield stadium achieved with an attendance of almost 60 thousand people, causing great external astonishment that reached even former renowned players in the Premier League, being the case of Belgian Vicent Jean Mpoy Kompany, who said he had seen a quality team with a stadium with history, being amazed at the only one between fans and club.

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While there was record attendance at Anfield, ridicule at the Etihad

It is normal that people who are not related to the institution have only comments of praise for the stadium and its fans, being for this Manchester City legend an incredible situation as he surely did not expect such an intimidating atmosphere for a duel that for many is not taken of great importance.

The way in which Anfield was imposed on Kompany became much greater when he observed that at the Etihad Stadium the situation was not similar with the duel between Manchester City and Everton, an event that had a very discouraging entry for a match in which Pep Guardiola's group could have remained as overall leader if the Reds had a bad afternoon on their field.

Although Manchester City under coach Pep Guardiola has managed to be one of the most competitive and biggest teams in the world thanks to its good soccer and great individuals, it is true that former stars of the English league still do not see in this club that identity that is created with players and fans, as it happens with the Reds, who, through their figures, their stadium and their "You'll Never Walk Alone" anthem, achieve the praise of the greatest.

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Klopp will make history with this team

Perhaps Kompany will not only be surprised by the incredible atmosphere at Anfield but also by the good soccer played by Jürgen Klopp's team, as the Reds intend to continue fighting for the league championship even though they know that their advantage over Manchester City is minimal, being this a very complicated campaign for Pep Guardiola who could fall in his last campaign against Klopp.

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