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Does he want to come back? Jordan Henderson spoke about Anfield

It is impossible for any footballer to forget Anfield

By Charles Cornwall

 Henderson with Ajax and Liverpool
Henderson with Ajax and Liverpool
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Jordan Henderson seems to have found a comfortable place after his bad decision to leave Liverpool to try his luck in the Middle East, but after realising his grave mistake, the former Reds captain quickly sought a premature exit from Arabia and found a great option in the Netherlands, where he was considered a great reinforcement from the beginning.

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So after months of suffering the cultural and social upheaval Henderson returned to Europe, where he should never have left, and after his first big game for Ajax, Henderson seems impressed, but he will never forget his time at Liverpool, where he spent the best years of his football career and was able to conquer Europe.

In his new adventure he seems to be doing much better, as after his first match against PSV, Henderson experienced a party at the Amsterdam Arena, where despite the match ending in a 1-1 draw. Henderson's impressions: "Yes, it was amazing. I've heard the atmosphere is really good. Especially against PSV and teams like that.

However, Henderson remains respectful of all things Liverpool, as during the same interview, Henderson was asked about the atmosphere in comparison to Anfield, to which he said "But yeah, it was a really good atmosphere, really special". He added: "It's been a long time since I've played in an atmosphere like that, so I really enjoyed it.

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Following Henderson's comments, the former Reds captain does not choose to compare Anfield at any point. While what he experienced at Liverpool was unbelievable, the atmosphere at Anfield is incomparable, so while his debut was a good one with a great atmosphere, there is no comparison with Anfield.

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