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Enough of the lies, the real reason why Jordan Henderson will never return to Liverpool

Liverpool are a different Liverpool since Henderson's departure, so his return will not be any time soon

By Charles Cornwall

Henderson rejected by Liverpool
Henderson rejected by Liverpool
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Jordan Henderson's departure from Liverpool continues to be a very controversial topic, as it came as a surprise to everyone. There is also much talk that his departure was more financially driven, with Henderson, who has a contract until 2026, still on one of the highest salaries in the league.

During the process of his departure from Anfield, Henderson stated that he was leaving because he would not be playing the same amount of minutes he had been playing in previous seasons, so it was easier for Henderson to leave and leave the team than to stay and compete for more minutes. So the way he left and his statement that no one stopped him leaving Anfield has tarnished his image and reputation on Merseyside.

So his return to Merseyside seems almost impossible, as the relationship between the fans and Henderson at the moment is very bad and would not contribute to either the player or the team. Henderson is currently on an incredible salary of around €40 million a year, which puts to rest any doubts about Henderson's possible return to Liverpool.

In addition, with his sudden departure, the team had to look for replacements, which worked well, as Henderson's absence has gone unnoticed this season at Anfield due to the excellent work of the reinforcements so far. It ended up burying the last hopes that Henderson would ever wear the Reds shirt again.

The incredible and radical change in Henderson's life in the last six months

From being the best signing of the season and earning an incredible amount of money per season, Henderson seems to regret having agreed to join the Saudi pro League, so he is looking for a way out and any offer could be a good one and in the last few hours the rumour of a possible link between Henderson and Chelsea has gained momentum. So this could be another move that could come in for criticism from Reds fans.

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