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Happiness at Anfield, Alonso's decision ahead of Carabao Cup final

Xabi Alonso's mind is made up about which team he will manage next season

By Charles Cornwall

Xabi Alonso with the Reds
Xabi Alonso with the Reds
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The issue of Jürgen Klopp's replacement is becoming more and more closed in favour of the Reds, as the best candidate for the future Reds vacancy is undoubtedly Xabi Alonso. He has become Bayern Munich's target, as he is playing an incredible role in the Bundesliga, so the dispute for the Spanish coach started after Klopp's announcement.

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During the last few months, Xabi has been placed with both teams, as he had a great period as a footballer with both teams, where he managed to win important titles. However, Alonso has made it clear which is his favourite team, as he had stated that he wanted Liverpool over any other team.

This was the first major breakthrough in the case of Klopp's replacement, as without any approach, Xabi was already beginning to give indications of where he is most likely to end up. However, the real reason for Alonso's arrival at Liverpool could come after strong statements from Julian Nagelsmann, the former Bayern Munich coach before Thomas Tuchel.

Words that discourage not only Xabi Alonso, but any other Bayern Munich target to manage his team. For Nagelsmann said: "There are clubs that give you time. Jürgen Klopp spent five years at Liverpool before becoming champion there for the first time.... Coaches at Bayern Munich don't have that much time to develop something.

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This is undoubtedly something very important, and it is not only Nagelsmann who was not given a proper process, since the season is not yet over and the barbarian team is already thinking about another coach, when Thomas Tuchel had a contract until 2025, and Tuchel seemed to be doing well, since during his first season with Bayern he was able to lift the Bundesliga title. So this makes it clear that Xabi should not go to Bayern, as he will not be able to have a proper process as he would have had at Anfield.

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