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Here's how Klopp motivated the players at HT to come from behind vs. Luton

Clase maestra la de Jürgen Klopp para motivar a sus jugadores

By Charles Cornwall

The formula for success for Klopp
The formula for success for Klopp
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The methodologies used by each coach are completely different, and although many could have a similar way when training their teams, it would never be the same, since everyone has their own style, so each one acts differently. He tries to keep his team motivated to be able to face the different problems that may arise before, during and after each game.

It is well known that the German coach Jürgen Klopp is a guy with an explosive character on the field, and you can always see him very involved in the game, in addition to the fact that most of the time he seems to be making some faces. So his strong character is no surprise, since the German coach has been seen during this season mainly exploiting the referees.

However, Klopp also has a very strong character when he is directing his players, and after the Reds' last victory, where Liverpool started the game losing 0-1, it was not until the second half when the Reds were able to put it back and win the game in a spectacular way and without making the typical changes, since for the game against Luton, the team was very limited.

So many wonder what Klopp's scolding was to make his team understand the importance of this match. After the game, a video circulating on social media, which does not belong to Liverpool, shows a coach giving his players a good slap in the locker room. So it went viral since many compare this fact with the way Klopp spoke to his players at half-time of the match against Luton Town and that's why they cheered them on to win and have a great game after the first half.

Las palabras de Jürgen Klopp que mantiene unido a su equipo

This is certainly part of the humor before a farewell to the German manager, who said this after the game against Luton, about the half-time talk: “Tactically, no (changes). I asked the boys to believe. We all saw this season that we can change things. We asked the boys to be calm at this time so we could finish at our level. They were really awake. Cody's goal, exceptional.” So the team's desire gave the team the victory, in addition to a good talk at halftime.

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