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He's the jewel of the academy, but illness may have ended Jaydon Danns' career

The great offensive promise who wants to make history with the Reds

By Charles Cornwall

Jayden Danns with the cup in his hands
Jayden Danns with the cup in his hands
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One of the great novelties that Liverpool presented during the final of the Carabao Cup at Wembley was in the changes that were made as time progressed, and on this occasion, Klopp had to send many young players to the field to fulfill the work of the injured, surprising the entry of Jayden Danns of whom many have commented in recent weeks due to his great participation in the U21 category of the club.

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This player, who has surprised the institution so much, has a past that has been shared by the Anfield Brasil account, who has made a post where they indicate that the top scorer of the academy was out of the field for almost a year due to knee pain caused by Osgood-Schlatter disease, owing the discomfort to the rapid growth he had in a short time.

As it is well known, Danns was able to recover from his problems and eventually become one of the great offensive prospects of the club, having sooner than expected a great opportunity to show his skills after the injury of great figures in the offensive sector, already showing his great potential after having cooperated in the last Premier League duel.

Although during the Carabao Cup final, Danns could not be the player who decided the championship in favour of his team, it is true that his participation in this type of matches does help this element to have much more confidence for future matches.

In future games the pressure will no longer be a factor in him not being able to have such big games as in the academy, a team in which he is the great figure not only for his goals, but also for his contributions to his teammates.

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Jayden, as well as other youngsters who were active in the match against Chelsea, are ample favorites to be used by Klopp during the next matches, trusting the German coach until the last of his days in the institution in the project of the youngsters who nowadays keep under his legacy a Carabao Cup medal.

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