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It was secret, but the problem that forced Klopp to leave Liverpool was revealed

Within days of each other, Jürgen Klopp announced that he would be leaving Liverpool

By Charles Cornwall

Liverpool discouraged and Klopp very serious
Liverpool discouraged and Klopp very serious
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Within days of each other, Jürgen Klopp announced that he would be leaving Liverpool at the end of the season and Xavi Hernández would be leaving FC Barcelona. Although the context of both is very different, because the German has been at Anfield for many more years and his team is having a great season, something that is not happening to Barça, Thierry Henry surprised by comparing the situation of both coaches.

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"Guardiola was at Barcelona and needed a sabbatical year. Klopp is at Liverpool and he's stopping, Xavi at Barcelona, the same thing," the Frenchman began, stressing that "normally that's your dream job but they're giving it up. It tells you a story, the pressure. Everyone has a voice, social media and all that. It's hard to be a coach and nobody cares about you. You need to take care of yourself at some point."

On that note, Henry seconded Xavi's words, who was clearer, but also Klopp's. "I understand it's very nice for the fans and for everyone to be involved, but they don't have to think about themselves, but the Premier League will miss Klopp and Liverpool as well. That's the truth. "When I got the news I thought, 'good for you'. He misses his family and having his own time," he concluded.

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Bayer Leverkusen sporting director Simon Rolfes has publicly stated that the German club are doing everything in their power to keep Xabi Alonso, going as far as to say that he has no doubts about his continuity. The coach has been touted, above all, as a replacement for Jürgen Klopp and Xavi at Liverpool and Barça.

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