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Jürgen Klopp's decision on his future if he wins the Carabao Cup

La era de Klopp al frente de los Reds, la mayor incertidumbre en Anfield

By Charles Cornwall

Klopp and his decisions before the end of the season
Klopp and his decisions before the end of the season
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During this season the Reds have suffered a lot, this mainly due to the large number of games that the Reds have played this season, a total of 39 games in 7 months. This has brought quite a few injuries to the team, which today has a total of 11 casualties due to different injuries, and this has also been the biggest constant for the Reds.

These have undoubtedly been big problems for Jürgen Klopp, who despite everything has managed to get his team forward. Demonstrating the importance of the German coach, since he has been able to find the ideal substitutes among the team's youth players, most of whom are adapting very quickly to the team without major difficulty.

This undoubtedly generates great stress for the German coach, who has done incredible things with Liverpool despite having a limited team unlike his more complex rivals in the Premier League such as Chelsea, Manchester City or Arsenal, who have a purchasing power greater than that of the Reds, however this shows that Klopp is the one who has returned Liverpool to the top of world football.

That is why the German coach has decided to take a separate path from that of the Reds. Where although Klopp seems to be very happy, he feels that it is no longer the same as before. So if we win the Carabao Cup, there would be no change in Klopp's departure, who would already have his decision well made and this will not change despite everything that may happen.

Klopp's decision at the end of the season

So nothing will change Jürgen Klopp's mind about his departure, who although at the moment is only thinking about ending up doing the best possible job with Liverpool in his last season. Since at the end of this, Klopp would already have his mind set on his big vacation at his home in Mallorca, where he can spend moments of great relaxation, after having spent 8 years with the pressure of always keeping Liverpool at the top.

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