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Klopp's masterclass at Emirates Stadium, the surprise he has for Arteta

Innovation in sport is paramount for a big team like the Reds.

By Charles Cornwall

Innovation in sport is paramount for a big team like the Reds.
Innovation in sport is paramount for a big team like the Reds.
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In the week leading up to the Arsenal game, the Reds have had some great news with several of their injured players returning to work. This is undoubtedly great news for Jürgen Klopp who can have a greater variety of players at his disposal for the rest of the season which could be very productive for Liverpool.

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Klopp will leave Anfield but not before humiliating Arteta in the following way

In addition to this, in Merseyside could be seen a new training in the players, and is that during training the work can also vary, this in addition to serving to change the routine and style of work, this helps the team as a means of de-stressing. Completely changing the dynamics of training on Merseyside.

On Saturday, a video was shown where the Reds are training inside an enclosed facility with a basketball hoop. This is both recreational and productive work, as the Reds are able to swap the soccer ball for a basketball for a moment. Breaking with conventional exercises and innovating, the Reds keep up with the evolution of the sport. This being a great innovation and a new exercise to give a great match against Arsenal.

This work has been a big change in training at Anfield, taking a preparatory approach. With this type of work, the Reds work on their shooting, which we could see well with the end of the clip, where you can see Trent Alexander-Arnold, who after taking the ball with his hand and bouncing it once, he decides to hit the ball after the first bounce, to which the ball goes into the hoop, making an incredible score, showing the work done, plus Trent is quite impressed by what he has done.

The best during this new training session at Anfield

Within this new method used on Merseyside where you could see that not everyone has the same ability for basketball as they do for soccer. In addition to TAA's great display during this training session, you could see team captain Virgil Van Dijk making two perfect shots from the side of the basket. Demonstrating his basketball skills as well.