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Liverpool have what Man City will never have and will help us win the title

The Reds have what many teams envy and this strengthens them in an unmatched way.

By Charles Cornwall

One of Liverpool's greatest strengths
One of Liverpool's greatest strengths
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Although Liverpool is one of the biggest teams in the world, this is due to its great insurance, both in the past and currently. This has largely been thanks to its fans, who have always been faithful to the colors of this Club, and are always supporting the Reds, no matter the situation. Being considered by many the best fans in England.

Therefore, the German coach Jürgen Klopp would be looking for a way to get the most out of this, and the German coach is someone very loved by all the Reds fans, and it is now when the team needs more of its fans, since with the current state of the team having so many injured players, the fans have to take a primary role.

Ahead of the game against Luton Town, Klopp asked a big favor from all fans present at Anfield during the match as he said: "Everyone who enters the Anfield gate tomorrow night needs to be alert!" While this might seem like something fans will be able to do without any problem during the game against Luton. This has to be replicated throughout the season.

The Reds will have a very complex task when facing Luton, however Liverpool will have a very complicated schedule during the next games, this largely thanks to the injuries in the team, at Anfield the team must strengthen the team thanks to fans. And the next games at Anfield will be vital, where the Reds will host Southampton in the FA Cup next Wednesday, February 28, while on Sunday, March 10, Liverpool receives Manchester City in the most important game of the season in the Premier League.

What Anfield needs to be during the last games of the Klopp era

Before the game against Luton, Jürgen Klopp said: “We need Anfield, 100%. It has to be a European night in England.” This will have to be equally replicated during all the games this season. So Anfield has to be a stadium that does not stop singing throughout the game, that will undoubtedly inspire all the players and make them give an incredible level, in addition that it would serve to intimidate the rival.

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