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Liverpool to the FA and its biased refereeing against Brentford

The Reds continue to be the team most affected by arbitration

By Charles Cornwall

 Klopp very happy and the VAR in the background
Klopp very happy and the VAR in the background
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Although at first it may seem that Liverpool's victory at the Gtech Community Stadium against Brentford gave them some kind of advantage over a Manchester City team that dropped points at home to Chelsea, it is true that the group led by Jürgen Klopp also used that 4-1 win to humiliate the referees, who curiously went against them again with a very controversial play just 10 minutes after the opening whistle.

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The play in question arose during a corner kick in favor of Liverpool, Mathias Jensen taking a personal mark on Diogo Jota that exceeded the typical struggle, falling the Portuguese attacker of the Reds in the area with a very clear foul that should have been signaled by the referee or by the VAR, there being no action against Brentford and the game continued as normal until Darwin Nunez's goal arrived.

Even though Liverpool obtained a clear 4-1 victory, the score could have been by a difference of 4 and not 3 goals, this fact taking its toll on the goals scored after 25 matches, but even with this situation against them, Jürgen Klopp and his team are still one step ahead of the referees as they are absolute leaders of the Premier League with a significant advantage over Manchester City, who wasted their home match against Chelsea.

With goals wrongly disallowed and misjudged controversial plays, the Liverpool team has tried to cope with a difficult season in which they are looking to be the ones to unseat a Manchester City that has not been at its best level and that even with some help in their favor has not been able to achieve the leadership that today is a little further away from it.

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Klopp should be prepared to suffer more injustices

Given so much refereeing controversy against the Reds, this institution has been nicknamed the LiVARpool, fitting this nickname to this institution that as today, within the next few days is sure to suffer other injustices that will not be marked in their favor, Klopp and his players will have to prove that their current level is enough to humiliate a whole referee's guild that hates the Merseyside team and will discreetly do whatever is necessary to harm them in this closing of the campaign in which they look unstoppable even with their injuries.

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