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Neither Klopp nor the injured, the absence that worries everyone at Anfield

Liverpool's main need is off the pitch, being an issue of utmost importance

By Charles Cornwall

Liverpool would already be looking for a very important move
Liverpool would already be looking for a very important move
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Liverpool is going through a very complex situation where it increasingly seems to have a more limited team, although so far all the players have proven to be up to the task, the outlook seems to be increasingly difficult, since after each game you have to wait than any other player. Despite this, there are concerns that keep Anfiled uncertain.

Although Jürgen Klopp's statements about leaving Anfield at the end of the season are some of the worst news in a long time. However, at the moment Merseyside's primary need is to be able to find a replacement for the vacancy left by Jörg Schmadtke in January, so at this time work is already underway to close an agreement with the new sporting director.

At Anfield, no movement will be made before the arrival of the new sporting director, where according to some media, the Reds have already started the search for Schmadtke's successor. And it will be in the new era, after the departure of Klopp, who starts from the top, with the position of sporting director, who will have a very complex task.

This is a complex issue for the Reds, who in recent years have already had several managers in this position, since the departure of Michael Edwards in 2022, so the next person to reach this position will be the fourth in 2 years. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a person to remain in this position for a long time, which although it has had great results with good incorporations, someone who remains permanent is needed.

The two new options that Liverpool would have to replace Schmadtke

Although at the moment, Liverpool already has the priority of signing a sporting director as soon as possible well established, this has brought with it several names, however now they are Florent Ghisolfi and Ricky Massara. Until now, Massara is the one who would have the greatest chance of reaching Liverpool, since for now he does not have a team, while Ghisolfi is a more complex issue because he currently has the same position at Nice in France, which complicates the arrival of he.

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