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No one on Merseyside can believe the way Szoboszlai continues to recover

Hungarian midfielder ready to make his return to action

By Charles Cornwall

 Szoboszlai very carefree
Szoboszlai very carefree
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After Jürgen Klopp revealed that Alexander Arnold and Dominik Szoboszlai are the two elements that will soon be able to join the squad to face important challenges ahead of the final stretch of the season, it is clear that the desperation to see this pair of figures once again in action is taking hold of all the public following the club, with some of them finding valuable information from their Hungarian midfielder that has left many fans surprised.

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A couple of publications from accounts such as @central_lfc_br, have shared on the social network X an image where you can see the Reds midfielder being in a streaming within the Twitch platform with the streamer Aszabokristof, same with which he shared just over an hour of gameplay of the famous online video game Call of Duty MWIII.

It was curious and impressive for some to be able to observe the Reds player inside an online transmission sharing a conversation with other players who were playing with him, with Szoboszlai spending much more time entertaining himself with the online video game than trying to answer several of the comments that evidently made reference to his season with Liverpool.

Although there was no specific comment about his recovery and when he will be able to return to the field, it is true that some comments did try to show their unconditional support, letting him know that the fans currently see him as one of the leaders of the midfield, and that he must be firm with the main objective of winning as many titles as possible.

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The surprise of seeing the Reds player playing online while chatting with his friends has not generated negative comments as it has happened to other players who do the same even during their days off, having only encouraging comments towards a player who could reappear after the final of the Carabao Cup, being the second main objective to beat Manchester City to get closer to the league title.

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