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Nunez reveals the reason why he has stopped failing and is now the best

Everything that Darwin Núñez has done to be able to adapt more and more to Liverpool

By Charles Cornwall

The great progress and perseverance of Darwin Núñez
The great progress and perseverance of Darwin Núñez
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During this season the Reds are having an excellent level, both individually and collectively, since many players have reached a formidable level which has led the team to remain, despite constant injuries, as the team to beat in the Premier League. Darwin Núñez is one of the most important players this season for Jürgen Klopp.

Núñez has managed to overcome great challenges to adapt to both Klopp's style of play and the country's culture. Which certainly seems to have been the biggest problem for the Uruguayan attacker during his first months in the city, as the language used to be a serious problem. However, the great support he has received from the entire team is what has kept Darwin in continuous improvement.

This is very reflected on the pitch, where Darwin looks even better every time, where Núñez scores more and more goals and his best version seems to come from off the pitch, since the Uruguayan maintains a great relationship with his teammates , which keeps the team very united. And despite the physical discomfort due to which he came off as a substitute against Brentford, Darwin Núñez shows his joy for his team's victory against Brentford and recognizes his friend Luis Díaz for his great work.

In a publication on his Instagram account, where you can see the Colombian from behind raising his hand with his thumb up. To which Núñez commented “Come on Luchito I love you a lot” although this might not seem so important, this shows the great unity of the team, since Nuñez, despite not being able to help his team on the field , encourages them as just another fan. It must also be taken into account that both Alexis Mac Allister and Luis Díaz have been two of the most important players for the adaptation of Nuñez.

The great affection that Darwin Núñez has earned in Liverpool

Since his arrival at Anfield, Núñez was a highly desired player, and although during his first tournament as a Reds player it was not what was expected, the fans quickly became fond of the Uruguayan player, who, although he still had a lot to Demonstrating the fans' support for the player has been one of the main reasons for his great growth during this season. Furthermore, Núñez continues to improve as he continues to learn the language, in which he has improved a lot, which has ended up helping him adapt.

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