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Salah's celebration that caused controversy around the world

Salah's celebration was with his right hand in the air

By Charles Cornwall

 Salah celebrating a goal
Salah celebrating a goal
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Following Jordan Henderson's departure to Arabian football, it was thought that Liverpool would be without a strong advocate for LGBT rights, however, Virgil Van Dijk has already worn the captain's armband in LGBT colours. Following on from Jordan Henderson and the support.

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However, it has not only been the Reds captain who has been the only one to follow Jordan Henderson's lead, as after the match against Brentford it was clear that another Reds player supports the movement, and after his goal, Mohamed Salah's celebration was very clear about what he was going for, as he celebrated this goal in a very peculiar way.

Salah's celebration was with his right hand in the air and the peculiar thing was the shape of his fingers where you could notice the classification sign of loser, which undoubtedly was a clear sign about the people who are against this movement. This was a clear signal about the people who are against this movement, which undoubtedly encouraged the community to believe again in Liverpool players who support this movement.

Salah has so far not been mentioned in this regard, however this signal was clear, so Salah joins in, and at any moment he could proclaim himself in favour of this movement and be the new representative of the Reds, which benefits the club in a great way by re-engaging this section of the public.

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The Reds are once again demonstrating their commitment to society and their fans. Salah is now a walking legend at Anfield, so his backing of this community makes Liverpool more empathetic, more than just a club, it is a group of people with great values, which can be seen both on and off the pitch.

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