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The great scam of Xabi Alonso in the Liverpool team

While Liverpool suffer from Jürgen Klopp's announcement, others are taking every opportunity to steal from him

By Charles Cornwall

 Xabi Alonso at Anfield
Xabi Alonso at Anfield
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With the news that Jürgen Klopp will announce his shock departure from Liverpool at the end of the season, Merseyside is already thinking about a replacement. It is undoubtedly a complex decision, as not just anyone can make it to the Anfield dugout, necessitating someone special. It is a decision that needs to be thought through carefully and continue the renewal of the team, which Klopp started this season.

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Undoubtedly, the best option who could arrive at Anfield is the Spaniard Xabi Alonso, who is playing a spectacular role in the Bundesliga with Leverkusen, where he has been in charge since the end of 2022. In Germany his career has taken off in a big way, and Xabi has done an excellent job with Leverkusen, where this season and like the Reds, they are top of their league to the surprise of many.

So the link between Alonso and Liverpool is immediate, as the Spaniard could be that special someone who could continue with the renewal on Merseyside. Despite this, there is still nothing official. This news has had a great impact worldwide, as in Thailand they took advantage of this news to take advantage of it in an unusual way.

According to police in Thailand there are scammers posing as Xabi Alonso on Instagram, to give you 300 baht to "pay for your plane ticket". 300 baht is 7.81 euros. So this fraud would be based on a rumour before the farewell of one of the greatest legends in Liverpool's history. Taking advantage of Liverpool's bad moment for the benefit of a few.

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In a best-case scenario and if things continue on the same course as they are now, Xabi Alonso could arrive at a multi-championship Liverpool, while Alonso could arrive making history by crowning a Premier League team other than Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund. Having a similar background to Klopp. So his great ability and track record could fit perfectly with Klopp's prototype, having the full backing of the fans to be able to do a great job on Merseyside, being the best suited for the task.

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