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The luxuries that Jordan Henderson had in Saudi Arabia and still left

Henderson's regret and his final option to leave Arabia

By Charles Cornwall

Henderson happy and with a lot of money
Henderson happy and with a lot of money
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After his first six months in Saudi Arabia, Jordan Henderson has realised that while the salary he receives from Al-Ettifaq is incredible, being one of the highest paid players in the world. However, this is not stopping Henderson from leaving the Middle East, as it is a completely different country.

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Henderson is already thinking about his next destination, although it seems that Henderson is not short of offers, as he already seems to have a new team in Europe. So the former Liverpool captain is reportedly giving up quite a few luxuries, such as the luxury of living in a place with all the creature comforts you can imagine, and while Al-Ettifaq may not be one of the biggest budget clubs in the league, they have gone out of their way to pay Henderson's transfer fee and give him a life of luxury.

Henderson is currently on a weekly salary of £350,000 per week, so while the salary would not be the reason for his departure, in fact it would have been the reason for his arrival, it is not a good enough reason for him to stay in Arabia. Thus, Henderson will give preference to the quality of his life and that of his family, as the culture and the climate in Arabia are completely different, with nights of up to 30 degrees Celsius.

The situation has also brought some problems for his family as the wives of footballers are frowned upon and booed at in shopping malls for wearing shorts. Making it clear that both Henderson and his family are having a terrible time in Arabia. So they will leave a life of incredible luxury to resume their life as they knew it before their arrival in the Middle East.

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After Jordan Henderson's arrival in Arabian football, his staggering salary was one of Henderson's biggest luxuries, but now the former Three Lions captain will not be able to return to the Premier League, as tax laws require him to pay 45% of his salary in tax. That is if Henderson returns to England before he completes a year working outside the Premier League. So Henderson could retire away from Anfield.

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