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The money Liverpool will earn if they win the Carabao Cup Final

The Reds' first final before Jürgen Klopp's departure in the summer

By Charles Cornwall

The Carabao Cup winner's prize
The Carabao Cup winner's prize
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There are fewer and fewer games left for German coach Jürgen Klopp to lead at Liverpool, and the next game will be one of the most important. Since the first final is played before Jürgen Klopp leaves the Anfield bench, next Sunday there will be a party, since it could also be the last time that Klopp directs at Wembley.

During his stay with the Reds, coach Leman has won several titles, one of them, and the last title obtained by Klopp, was the Carabao Cup. Since 2022 is the first time that Jürgen won this cup with the Reds, however, he now has the opportunity to repeat a title with Liverpool for the first time, and Klopp has only been champion of the FA Cup, the Premier League, once. League and the Champions League.

The next game being a unique opportunity for the German coach, who could add another title with Liverpool, in what could be his eighth title in England. This is a great reason for all the players to go out and give one of the best games of their lives and be able to achieve one more title and the east before Klopp's departure.

Liverpool comes into this match with a certain disadvantage, having a total of 11 players in doubt. Although players like Darwin Núñez or Mohamed Salah who are still doubtful about their participation, there is nothing certain about whether they will be present in the match against Chelsea or not, however there are certain sources that assure that they will be present without major problems.

The prize for the best of the cup

Liverpool is the team that has won this cup the most times, having a total of 9 titles, with Manchester City being the second highest winner with 8 titles. Furthermore, the winner of this cup will be able to enjoy a good prize of just over 200 thousand euros, in addition to securing a place in the Conference League. However, the places the Reds occupy in the Premier League place them in the Champions League, so if they win the Carabao Cup, the prize for Liverpool will only be financial.

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