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The problem between two Liverpool idols because of Cristiano Ronaldo

Anfield could be affected by a small moment of fun that no one saw

By Charles Cornwall

Anfield could be affected by a little moment of fun that no one saw coming
Anfield could be affected by a little moment of fun that no one saw coming
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During this beginning of the year where the Reds continue with a high level and remain at the top, although the work of the entire team is giving results, since it seems that the team works very together, where the players seem to maintain a great atmosphere within the team. This becomes clear after seeing the team's celebrations after a victory.

Despite this, the excellent atmosphere at Anfield could quickly crumble, as two of the team's most important players could have a slight problem. And in a video that is circulating on social networks you can see Trent Alexander Arnold having fun with a soccer team, where by making a slight movement with his head he chose between two images of today's great players.

At first you can see TAA give preference to Mohamed Salah, who makes his first appearance alongside the English striker Harry Kane, where Trent turns his head in favor of Mohamed, immediately afterwards, the pharaoh reappears but now alongside Samuel Eto 'o and Alexander Arnold once again chooses the Reds legend, however it is in Salah's last appearance when TAA decides to change drastically.

In the last election where Trent can choose Salah, the Egyptian now comes out accompanied by Cristiano Ronaldo, to which Alexander Arnold thinks for a moment about his choice and tilts his head towards the image of Ronaldo. Leaving aside Salah and giving preference to the Portuguese, in what could be an internal problem for Liverpool.

A tiny problem that doesn't seem to get bigger

Although this image shows that Trent gives greater preference to Cristiano Ronaldo, this does not reflect the great affection that exists between the two pillars of the Reds, where Trent not only chose between Liverpool players, since you can see Trent also choose players from Arsenal or Manchester United. During their time on Merseyside both Trent and Salah have become Reds legends, winning almost everything together and now being the team's leaders alongside Alisson Becker, Andy Robertson and Virgil Van Dijk.

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