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The real culprit of Liverpool's defeat, and it is not Alisson Becker

Liverpool were outplayed in periods of the game, however it was not the fundamental factor for Arsenal to win the match

By Charles Cornwall

Who was really to blame for the Reds' defeat?
Who was really to blame for the Reds' defeat?
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During the first half of the game, Arsenal kept the Reds in their area with a score in favor of the Gunners 1-0, and after a loss the game was tied. But, during the first half of the game, quite a few refereeing failures could be noticed. Although Anthony Taylor only showed two yellow cards during the first half, Joe Gomez was the first, while Ben White was the second.

Despite this, the first half was full of several irregularities in the refereeing decisions, since Taylor did not caution the Arsenal players on at least one occasion for fouls committed, while the Liverpool players were cautioned for similar plays that were not designated in the same way by the referee. So without a doubt the first half left many doubts about the work of the refereeing, making wrong decisions for both teams.

For the second half of the match, Anthony Taylor would have a terrible job, since the decisions he made would be completely favorable for Arsenal, and everything became clear after the expulsion of Ibrahima Konaté, who, although he deserved the second yellow card, the referee did not take the same decision minutes later when Gunners defender Gabriel had a tackle on Darwin Núñez and did not caution him.

So that terrible decision cost the Reds a lot, since the Brazilian defender had already been warned previously, so this would have been his second warning and he would have also been sent off. However, referee Taylor did not consider it the same and did not caution the Brazilian player, leaving the Reds at a serious disadvantage, who despite fighting and trying to tie, ended up being beaten with Anthony Taylor as the main factor.

What this match reveals for the Premier League

After this terrible performance by the referee Anthony Taylor, he makes it clear that he should not officiate a match again this season, since his ability to make the right decisions in decisive situations and in high-level matches is absolutely zero, since the issue against Liverpool is already It seems to be something constant, so this should not happen again.

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