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This is how Klopp humiliated Manchester City and Guardiola before his departure

The Reds coach will be the best in all of England

By Charles Cornwall

 Guardiola worried and Klopp happy
Guardiola worried and Klopp happy
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After Jürgen Klopp won the Premier League manager of the month award in January, the German tactician knows that his current position and that of his team can give him the necessary tools to go out on a high in the summer, with two extremely important victories in less than a month that would make him once again the best manager in England, far surpassing a Pep Guardiola who fears this version of the Reds.

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Guardiola's main fear is not that Klopp has surpassed him as a manager during the month of January, but rather that this recognition is an indicator of how well he has been doing with a group that has certain limitations, making their duel in March very intense and running the risk of City losing the Premier League title on the day they visit Anfield.

Klopp currently has a squad competitive enough to be able to compete against any opponent even without several of its stars who have recently suffered from injuries, demonstrating it in this 2024 with the absence of Salah and where elements such as Jota, Nunez and Luis Diaz, took a leading role that today they do not want to let go even with the Egyptian incorporated into the group, not happening the same with Guardiola's group who does depend on certain individuals to continue advancing.

It is true that there are still a couple of matchdays to go, but in a scenario in which both get the same results, Klopp's group looks more complete in almost all positions, with Klopp having a better management of his players, This is very valuable as he knows perfectly the capacity of each player and how well they can do in a duel that could decide whether Manchester City becomes two-time Premier League champions or if Klopp leaves with another league title, which would mean the Reds' 20th championship.

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At the moment the Reds can boast of being in the fight for a title which will be the EFL Cup against Chelsea, being able to join soon in the Premier League if they manage to continue with this constancy and to beat City at Anfield, leaving the FA Cup and Europa League which are the tournaments in which they are farthest from the final, There is no doubt that he will be the favorite to win them and thus add 4 trophies before Klopp's match, being that a humiliation for Guardiola who not long ago was placed as the rival to beat by everyone in Europe, being enough for Klopp and his group a year to surpass them.

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