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This is how the Reds are pressuring Xabi to sign with them for next season

By Charles Cornwall

This is how the Reds are pressuring Xabi to sign with them for next season

Reds want to have Jurgen Klopp's replacement soon

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As the days go by in the Liverpool team, more and more questions are being asked about who will be the coach that arrives in the summer to replace Jürgen Klopp, and although Xabi Alonso is still the main and great candidate to inherit the vacancy, it seems that the Reds already have a strategy that will immediately convince the former midfielder, who not many years ago was their former midfielder.

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While Alonso is trying to analyze his situation at Bayern Leverkusen, Liverpool are trying to put some pressure on the coach with more rumors of coaches who could inherit Klopp's bench, this time adding Sporting CP coach Ruben Amorim's name to the list of interest.

This constant interest that the Reds have in looking for new prospects for their team puts pressure on Xabi Alonso, who is still not sure if he will accept this proposal and that his present in the Bundesliga is good, although it should be noted that another reason why he has not accepted this interest from Merseyside is due to his possible transfer to Real Madrid, a club that is also in the fight for his recruitment.

The pressure that Liverpool and Real Madrid can exert may make Alonso make a quicker decision than expected, having the Reds as an advantage the fact of arriving to a project that is beginning to have gradual changes to which he can get used and potentialize, following the Merseyside exploiting that great ability of Xabi which is to do much with few resources.

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In addition to this type of pressure that Liverpool can exert with their new coaching prospects, this institution could give their former player a deadline in which he must give an answer to the proposal to be their new manager, and the Reds cannot risk too much and wait for a final decision that could be negative from Alonso, and the team must already plan their next step for a 2024-2025 campaign full of doubts and expectations.

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