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This is the proof that Darwin Nunez is the figure that Anfield and the PL need

Uruguayan striker is the best attacker in England

By Charles Cornwall

Darwin Nuñez celebrating a goal
Darwin Nuñez celebrating a goal
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Until not many months ago, nobody imagined that striker Darwin Nunez could be one of Liverpool's most decisive players, surprising throughout the season with his countless facets where he went from being a player of collective play and assists to one that defines in front of goal and that obtains marks that equal or surpass the maximum figures that the Premier League has.

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After being responsible for scoring the first goal of the game against Brentford, Darwin Nunez obtained after his substitution the record of being the player with the most goals in the squad so far in 2024, establishing his numbers in five goals, being a pleasant surprise for many fans who thought that his greatest and great potential at the moment was the assists.

Despite being the player with the highest goal contribution, Nunez has not yet managed to completely shake off the criticism against him, the most common and repeated being that his stats are still low for a player who plays as a 9, with others claiming that his potential has exploded due to the absence of Salah.

Although the points of view are varied and everyone has their own position regarding the soccer played by the Uruguayan, no one can go against the statistics that show the true potential in front of the box, understanding the vast majority that this striker may have shortcomings in front of goal, but wins other collective attributes that make him an indisputable starter for a Jürgen Klopp who has worked very hard with him to find his best soccer.

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Even with his failures, Nunez continues to have an effectiveness enviable by many offensive players in the Premier League, finding not only him, but also several of his teammates that motivation through his strength and constant effort to improve, being the already known commitment of the South American player what motivates an entire institution that does recognize his effort and love for an institution that needed such a passionate player who understands what it is and means to be part of Liverpool.

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