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Victory at risk, serious problem ahead of Burnley, not Thiago or Salah injury

By Charles Cornwall

Victory at risk, serious problem ahead of Burnley, not Thiago or Salah injury

Liverpool will play at Anfield anyte Burnley on Saturday and Klopp must solve a serious problem

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Thiago Alcántara has faced an ongoing battle at Liverpool since his arrival as a promising star. However, his presence on the pitch has been scarce in the last year, mired in a relentless cycle of injuries. The Spanish midfielder, who barely got five minutes of playing time this season against Arsenal before falling back into the clutches of a muscle injury, has been a rarity for Liverpool.

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Liverpool, for their part, have yet to provide an official statement on the player's condition. This series of physical misfortunes has plunged Thiago into a worrying pattern, with the hip injury being his most recurring adversary since his arrival in 2021. In 2023, Thiago suffered an injury that kept him off the pitch for months, and he has struggled to regain his fitness ever since. This season has been no different, with ongoing setbacks limiting his involvement in the team.

Since his arrival at Anfield, Thiago has missed a total of 80 games due to injury, an alarming statistic that underlines the physical frailty that has plagued his time at the club. Despite his undoubted talent on the pitch, these injuries have prevented the player from reaching his full potential and have raised concerns for both his present and his future.

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Trouble at Anfield

At Friday's press conference, Klopp says there's some flu in the squad ahead of tomorrow's game. While he did not reveal which players are affected, it is expected that there will be some casualties due to illness in addition to the injured Thiago, Salah, Szoboszlai, as well as Conor Bradley and the suspended Konaté.

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