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Virgil Van Dijk and his extraordinary level place him as the best defense in the

By Charles Cornwall

Virgil Van Dijk and his extraordinary level place him as the best defense in the

The Reds captain could be going through one of the best moments of his career

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Jürgen Klopp has known how to overcome all the adversities that have plagued the Reds this season, thanks to the unity that has been created at Anfield, which gives the players greater security that is reflected in each match, where until now all the players of the team have responded with good performances, however if there is one level to highlight it is that of the team captain Virgil Van Dijk.

The Dutchman had left many doubts after the team's passage last season, however the captain's ribbon seems to have given greater motivation to Van Dijk, who is having a spectacular level, and although the captain of the Reds has had some mistakes and he has been harshly punished like against Newcastle, where the refereeing had a lot of influence, Virgil has taken great advantage of this incident and has matured.

This season the Dutchman has only been cautioned on two more occasions, the first against Tottenham, and in the Carabao Cup semi-final at Anfield, so Van Dijk has improved in all aspects, demonstrating his greatness by establishing himself as the best defender aerial game of the 5 best leagues in Europe, as it registers an 81.7% winning rate in the aerial game.

Being the only player to have a percentage greater than 80%, being a reflection of the great season that Virgil Van Dijk is having, who seems to have been revitalized and is having one of the best moments of his football career. Furthermore, the captain of the Reds recently confirmed in an interview his love for Liverpool and his fans. He proved to be the ideal Merseyside captain.

Van Dijk's great level will be able to close with a historic season after Klopp's announcement

Although at first the news of Jürgen Klopp leaving Liverpool has left everyone impressed, Klopp's farewell could be a historic season for the Club, so if the Dutch captain continues with this excellent level and maintained the union of the team, the Reds will be able to close a historic era, becoming legends not only of Liverpool but of the Premier League.