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Welcome back, Xabi Alonso's wink gets everyone dreaming at Anfield

Xabi Alonso had an unforgettable spell at Liverpool

By Charles Cornwall

Xabi Alonso with Liverpool at Anfield
Xabi Alonso with Liverpool at Anfield
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The Spanish player was able to take his first big steps in football on his arrival in England. Although he was one of the biggest names in Spanish football, Xabi's level at Anfield was incomparable. Both the player and the club felt comfortable from the start, as Xabi quickly established himself as an indispensable player and a fan favourite.

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His time as a Reds player marked Xabi like no other team, as the feeling that Liverpool generates is unique. It is impossible not to fall in love with Anfield to the sound of the classic "You'll Never Walk Alone" from the fans, so Xabi's feeling for the Reds is unique and he will try to show that by doing something special for the club.

During the growing rumours of Xabi's arrival in the Liverpool dugout following the announcement of Jürgen Klopp's departure, the former Reds star recently declared: "I am still a Liverpool fan and I will be a Liverpool fan forever! This leaves all Reds fans delighted, as it is these moments of emergency when true affection is shown.

Xabi and the great love he has for the team where he won his first titles as a professional, this great feeling for the Reds he will try to keep in his family as he said: "Hopefully I can pass on to my son what Liverpool means and how special it is. He was born in the city and will visit in the future. This only reaffirms Alonso's strong favouritism for Liverpool, where club and player have struck a great balance.

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These statements from the Spanish coach only confirm what could be Xabi Alonso's decision on his future next summer, as he will undoubtedly sign for Liverpool. Giving the player's greatest act of affection for the team he loves the most and now having the support of his entire family, where they will end up understanding the love for Liverpool.

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