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While criticized at Anfield,Darwin Núñez is praised by a legend from his country

The Uruguayan attacker of the reds is being greatly underestimated

By Charles Cornwall

Darwin Nuñez and a legend from Uruguay
Darwin Nuñez and a legend from Uruguay
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During these last few weeks of competition in England, the name of Darwin Nunez in the Liverpool environment has caused social networks to be flooded with comments of all kinds, and to date, the criticism surrounding his lack of goalscoring effectiveness continues to be the reason why fans consider him to be one of the least profitable signings of the moment, many of them maintaining their position even though Darwin is one of the best assisting players in the group led by Jürgen Klopp.

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But while in England most of the comments towards Nunez are focused on demanding and demeriting his work now as a good assisting player, in Uruguay the situation seems to be completely different, and one of the great legends of his country, Sebastián "Loco" Abreu, made some comments towards Darwin that caused some surprise.

According to an interview with ESPN in recent days, Abreu has compared Darwin Nunez to another legend of his country, Edinson Cavani, assuring that there are no similarities with him, as he was a box-to-box nine, while the Reds player has a greater deployment on the field.

Abreu said that Nunez has an impressive positioning ability, great power, speed, sprinting, transitions defence attack in a short time, making his skills and characteristics much more similar to Cavani's than his own, making it clear that Nunez's multi-functionality is his main tool with which to be effective in the attacking zone.

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Given such statements by Sebastian Abreu, the Reds coach should try to fully exploit those qualities that Nunez and Canavi resemble, with collectivity being their strongest point and with which they can achieve greater and better results in an attacking zone that today does not have Mohamed Salah at its disposal.

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