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While De Zerbi loses managerial credibility,Xabi Alonso does so on social netwok

Klopp's potential replacements generate more doubts than confidence

By Charles Cornwall

 From Zerbi and Xabi Alonso very worried
From Zerbi and Xabi Alonso very worried
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While the coach of Bodø/Glimt in Norway, Kjetil Knutsen, was sincere with his words to reject the possible interest of Liverpool because he did not feel capable enough to lead the group left by Jürgen Klopp, on the other hand there are others who simply try to take advantage of these rumors that surround them in order to realize the interest that pursues them, being so with strategists like Roberto De Zerbi who tries to have a low profile but has not stopped being linked to Barcelona and Liverpool.

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The bad thing for the Italian coach has come just at this time when the Barcelona and Merseyside clubs have set their sights more on his abilities as a coach, failing on this occasion to have obtained a disastrous and humiliating 4-0 result against Luton Town, a club that thanks to that result has been able to leave the relegation zone for at least a few days.

Almost at the same time that De Zerbi has let the Reds down, manager Xabi Alonso has finally generated some movement through social networks with this issue that links him directly to Liverpool, although unfortunately for the Spanish tactician, the talk about him is not so pleasant, and is that according to information that has revealed the account in X of @Mercado_Ingles, it is said that the police in Thailand has warned its population about scammers posing as the Bayern Leverkusen coach on Instagram.

This impersonation experienced by Xabi Alonso was created in order to be able to ask people for a certain donation so that he can buy his plane ticket for him to return to Merseyside to manage Liverpool. As far as is known, these fake accounts have been asking for a total of 300 Baths which at the exchange rate in England is equivalent to almost 7 pounds sterling.

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As Liverpool does not have many options to replace the German coach in a good way, this institution is working as fast as possible to try to get the appropriation of Xabi, having for the moment a lot of misinformation about the case since there have been no statements from any party, waiting with the days and knowing what is the final decision of both the Leverkusen coach as well as the Merseyside team.

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