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While in Liverpool he lived in a mansion, here Henderson will live in Amsterdam

The former Reds captain will face new challenges in the Netherlands

By Charles Cornwall

Henderson next to a house and a lot of money
Henderson next to a house and a lot of money
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After all the commotion caused by Jordan Henderson's departure from Al- Ettifaq, this midfield element already seems to have a strong link with the Ajax team, an institution that would do everything possible to make his arrival in the best possible conditions, with Hendo not having to worry about the comforts that Amsterdam can offer as several of his new teammates could give him recommendations on which area to choose to start writing his story with the biggest club in the Eredivisie.

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Although Henderson's salary will not be better than the one he had in Liverpool or Al Ettifaq, this element would have the chance to have a house with great value, and the Johan Cruijff Arena stadium would be very close to an area where luxury residences are not lacking, more specifically the place is located near Amstelpark, being the distance between both destinations between 15 and 20 minutes, being very accessible for a Jordan Henderson who will live his first experience in the Netherlands.

These houses located in front of the Sportpark't Loopveld have an approximate value between 3.5 and 4 million euros, a figure that sounds tempting for a house of very spacious places, of modern construction and surrounded by a lot of vegetation, having in its environment everything that this player would need to be able to be like from his first day in Amsterdam.

The most coherent thing for the British player would be to find a place as and as close as possible to the stadium in which he will play from now on, but equally this decision would have much to do with the environment that surrounds him and above all to know the terms that the club has.

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Although Henderson would not arrive at Ajax as the main savior of the team, this element would have much greater responsibilities than in Saudi Arabia, being his main task to give the group that midfield balance that makes them more solid in offense and defense, They are currently in fifth place and are far from the goal of qualifying for the Champions League, making it difficult to win the league when PSV Eindhoven dominates the Dutch circuit with 51 points, 12 more than Feyenoord who is in second place and 23 more than Ajax who is in fifth place.

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