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Ahead of LASK clash, Liverpool receive the news that brings them closer to the Premier League title

The Reds received some game-changing news 

By Charles Cornwall

The Reds received some game-changing news 
The Reds received some game-changing news 
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Financial irregularities are under scrutiny in the Premier League, and after the recent punishment handed down to the Toffees at Goodison, it is now City who are under the spotlight. The Manchester City were charged last February with 115 alleged financial breaches, and according to the 'Daily Mail' their trial may take place before that of Chelsea, the other big club under investigation. The Premier League and Manchester City have agreed the date on which they will face an independent tribunal in what could be the biggest trial in the league's history," the English daily said.


The date is initially scheduled for late autumn 2024. It is believed the conclusion may not come until the end of next season (2024-2025), which is when Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola's current contract expires." As the experts pointed out, the resolution of the case would take quite some time, at least one to two years. First the Premier League must complete its investigation, which then passes to an independent regulatory commission to review all relevant documentation and, if the charges against Manchester City are proven, decide on a sanction.

The recent Everton case sets a precedent in this respect, although City could defer the final decision of the independent Commission as long as possible. If either side finds the final outcome unacceptable, "it would be hard to imagine a world in which they would not appeal". However, the Cityzens would not be able to appeal a hypothetical sanction to CAS, but could appeal to a Judicial Appeal Panel. It is worth noting the Daily Mail's mention of the termination of Pep Guardiola's contract. The Catalan, who has insisted that "we are innocent until proven guilty", renewed his contract in November 2022 until 30 June 2025. Pep recently stated that "there is more chance of me staying if we are in League One - because of the hypothetical sanction - than if we were in the Champions League".

Low blow to Manchester City

If City are punished and receive the points deduction, the beneficiary would be Liverpool as the race for the Premier League title would be centred only on Arsenal as they are currently two points clear at the top, plus there is still a direct clash between two teams where the Reds could reduce that lead or turn it around. 

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