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Because of him Liverpool lost a final, he let Kloop down and now nobody remembers him

One mistake can cost a player his career, especially when it comes to a final

By Sergio Moya

One mistake can cost a player his career, especially when it comes to a final
One mistake can cost a player his career, especially when it comes to a final
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In recent years our Liverpool has become a protagonist team in European football, reaching Champions League finals, winning titles and enshrining great players in the elite of the sport. Although the coveted Champions League trophy arrived in 2019, the Reds had a great opportunity a year earlier when facing Real Madrid in Kyiv, however a series of factors and bad fortune played against us and left us on the brink of the title.


All the fans remember with great sadness that dirty tackle by Sergio Ramos on Mohamed Salah that forced the Pharaoh to leave the game, in what for many was a cowardly tactic by the Spanish defender to injure our team's best player. However, Mo's injury was not the only unfavorable situation we experienced that night, as for the vast majority of Liverpool fans the 2018 defeat has a name: Loris Karius.

What was then Jürgen Klopp's first-choice goalkeeper came into that final as one of the world's most exciting goalkeeping prospects. Tall, quick and young, Karius promised to have a successful and long career with Liverpool, but that day he disappointed everyone. His mistakes led to two goals from the opposition and ended up costing the Reds the title.

After that fateful match, Karius lost all of Jürgen Klopp's trust and left the team. After a brief spell at Besiktas and then Union Berlin, Karius returned to the Premier League to sign for Newcastle a year ago, however he only played one game and now it looks like he will be without a team again. Undoubtedly, that 2018 Champions League final ended up costing Loris Karius dearly, although that ultimately brought good news for our Liverpool.


Alisson to the rescue

After Karius' mistakes against Real Madrid in 2018, Klopp and the Anfield board decided to look for a new goalkeeper and that's when they signed Alisson Becker, who has become a figure of the team and has established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.