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Boycott of Liverpool vs. Manchester United match is a growing possibility

By Charles Cornwall

Boycott of Liverpool vs. Manchester United match is a growing possibility

Next Monday's match in Manchester remains under threat and could be called off due to rumours of a boycott.

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Manchester United is living a tense moment. Their sporting reality is terrible, they are even in last place in the Premier League, added to the disdain that Cristiano has shown for his desire to leave the club. Next Monday they will host Liverpool in what will be another derby, but due to the fans' anger against the club and the poor results, the match could be called off due to a boycott threat.

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The heavy defeat by Brentford by 4 goals to 0 last weekend made it clear that the team is totally broken and far from improving. Although Liverpool look better sportingly, they have also failed to register a win in this Premier League, which makes the match all the more interesting. But back to Manchester. With the fans' friction with the team's owners and the poor performance of the team, many fear that the match may not be played due to sabotage by a group of radical fans.


There is a precedent between Manchester United and Liverpool where there was a similar event where the fans protested against the Glazers, the American owners of Manchester, and the match had to be postponed for the following day due to a series of incidents that ended with several arrests and an invasion of the stadium that went around the world.

The atmosphere around Manchester is very troubled and there are increasing alerts on social media that the club's most radical supporters have started a campaign asking fans who have tickets to the match not to attend, with the aim of leaving the stadium empty as a form of protest.


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