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Despite the bitter draw against Manchester United, Alisson Becker achieved a great personal achievement

The Merseyside goalkeeper is unstoppable against big rivals  

By Charles Cornwall

The Merseyside goalkeeper is unstoppable against big rivals  
The Merseyside goalkeeper is unstoppable against big rivals  
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Perhaps no one at Anfield imagined that the Derby against Manchester United would be so disastrous and complicated to face, and all those expectations that were had of a new victory at home against the Red Devils were stopped by a poor offensive performance that never knew how to resolve the match in its 90 minutes, concluding the group led by Jürgen Klopp with a bitter scoreless draw that could only personally benefit their goalkeeper, Alisson Becker.

This goalkeeper of Brazilian origin did not have many appearances during the match, but among all those that he was able to resolve without major complications, he once again found an intact goal once the final whistle blew, adding this element to the large number of 507 minutes without receive a goal from the Red Devils, Becker becoming after Mohamed Salah their biggest fear every time they face Liverpool.


The Bill and Bob's Tavern's X-rated account revealed that the Liverpool goalkeeper was able to find his seventh clean sheet against Manchester United in these 90 minutes, equaling the number of clean sheets he has against Everton, an institution he has also left seven times with zero on the scoreboard. 

Although the result was not what was expected and despite having lost the lead against Arsenal, which takes the lead by just one more point, the Reds goalkeeper must know how to take the positive from this confrontation against Man United, and even more so now that Their next goal in the league is next Saturday where they will compete against the Gunners for first place.

Becker looks for another undefeated frame during the week

While the objective in the league is to be able to obtain a resounding victory against Arsenal, the first step towards that commitment will be to try to face the duel against West Ham in the quarterfinals of the EFL Cup with the greatest caution, seeing Alisson Becker will surely be active between the three posts, with the Brazilian trying to continue with an undefeated record as a way of preparing against the Gunners

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