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Destined for greatness, Luis Diaz's brace brings double to Liverpool

By Charles Cornwall

Destined for greatness, Luis Diaz's brace brings double to Liverpool

Lucho reached the 50-goal mark in Europe, 41 with Porto and 9 with Liverpool with his brace today.

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Luis Diaz reached his 50th goal in Europe. He is only in his fourth season since leaving South America and the guajiro who is destined for greatness already has this overwhelming scoring tally, which he hopes to add to during his remaining games for Liverpool after already being considered indispensable in Jurgen Klopp's starting 11.

The Colombian's 50 goals are in the Portuguese League, Portuguese Cups, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and English Premier League. Of those goals, 41 were with Porto, his previous team, while with the two goals scored this Saturday against Bournemouth he reached nine with the Merseyside team.

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Luis Diaz joined Liverpool in January for half of the 2021-2022 season, but has throughout been regarded as one of the important pillars in German manager Jurgen Klopp's scheme. In an interview with ESPN, Diaz spoke about his time in England, the Colombia national team and his aspirations for this new football year.

Colombia national team - Liverpool

Liverpool spent difficult hours at the beginning of the Premier League, but now they have achieved their first victory, in a masterful way with a 9-0 win over Bournemouth at Anfield, where the Colombian managed to score a double, the first to open the door for the goal in the third minute and the last of the night at 85 to close the 9 for the history of the Premier League.

On the selection of Colombia, Diaz said it was a pity that they could not be in the World Cup, but already sees himself qualifying for the next hand of the coaching staff that is, of each teammate: "We will always try to give the best of us as we have always done, try to be united to start in a good way the friendlies that we will have to get to know each other to put together a great selection," he said. 

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