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FA's new favour to Manchester City, Klopp can't believe it

Citizens' aid continues

By Charles Cornwall

Citizens' aid continues
Citizens' aid continues
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The end of the year has been full of surprises in the Premier League, with Arsenal still a point clear of Liverpool and Aston Villa, who are second and third in the standings. This is going well as the Reds have been affected by poor refereeing decisions. It has been a season full of big hurdles for the Reds, as in addition to the dreadful refereeing that has surrounded this season's performance at Anfield, injuries have plagued the Reds.


However, following the Citizens' title win at the Club World Cup, it is clear that the Sky Blues are heavily favoured.  Manchester City will be able to occupy the golden badge of the Club World Cup title for the remainder of the 2023/24 Premier League season. This makes it clear that the Citizens can do whatever they want, as Liverpool in 2019/20 were not allowed to occupy that badge to close the second half in the Premier League.

This is an action that exposes the way the Premier League works, where the great favouritism towards the Citizens is exposed. The Reds will have to have an excellent end to the season if they are to be able to challenge for the title without being affected.


Everything seems to be stacked against the Reds

Another team that did get to wear the golden World Cup title logo was Chelsea, who in 2021 also got to wear the badge, albeit for a few games, but the Reds were not given the opportunity to wear their Premier League title. Making it clear that the Reds are at a disadvantage to their strongest rivals because of corruption.

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