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'I wanted to delete twitter' - Andy Robertson on social media bullying

By Charles Cornwall

'I wanted to delete twitter' - Andy Robertson on social media bullying

Liverpool defender has opened up about online abuse he has received in a recent interview.

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The Scotland captain quit the social media platform Twitter in 2019 after he gave away a penalty in a Champions League defeat against Napoli. Speaking to The Athletic, the 28-year-old admitted that at the time it was difficult to deal with the negativity aimed at him.

“I wanted to delete Twitter. I didn’t want to deactivate it but I ended up deactivating and causing this huge drama, which obviously was a disaster for me. But you know, at the time, I felt there was far too much negativity on Twitter. I still believe Twitter can be more negative than positive.

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“After the Napoli game, there was obviously a lot of hate on there. People jumped on it. That’s part and parcel of football, but why is that? Why is that accepted?" The left-back went on to say that he is fine with criticism on social media platforms but draws the line when it becomes personal in nature.

Social media abuse

“I don’t mind if we make mistakes and people say, ‘Ah, you cost us the game’. But when people start calling your personality out or wanting you to have a career-ending injury or start saying things about family members – which some of the lads have had before — that’s not OK. “If I make a mistake, it’s not my partner’s fault. It’s not my mum’s fault. It’s not my kids’ fault. It’s my fault.”

Robertson makes some powerful points in his interview and hopefully, the likes of him talking about this publically can help others who face similar situations in the future for an issue that needs stamping out of the game completely.


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