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'If Keita goes Keita must get someone else, it's indisputable' - Jurgen Klopp

By Charles Cornwall

'If Keita goes Keita must get someone else, it's indisputable' - Jurgen Klopp

Klopp also detailed the reasons behind the untimely number of injuries to his squad.

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Liverpool's German manager Jurgen Klopp spoke about the situation of Naby Keita, who, according to various media reports, is in negotiations, which are not going well at all, with the club over the renewal of his contract, due to expire in 2023 and the player is looking for an improvement in terms and conditions.

Some media are saying that it is very likely that Keita will leave the club, although others say that negotiations are not yet at an end, so we will have to wait for Liverpool or Keita himself to make a statement on the matter, 10 days before the end of the transfer window.

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In light of this situation, Jurgen Klopp spoke at a press conference about Naby Keita's future and the midfield situation in his squad ahead of Monday night's trip to Old Trafford for Liverpool's game against Manchester United, with Klopp answering questions from reporters at the AXA Training Centre.

Would you accept that the club wanted to sell him this summer?

"And not replace him? No, that's not possible, of course not. But it's not the plan. We are not foolish enough to think that a player can leave and not replace him. No, there is no possibility. So Naby is not going to leave, but if he were to leave - which he won't - there must be a replacement, of course," Klopp replied.

After this answer, the reporters insisted that he should be clearer, so they asked if he was happy with the midfield situation, if he has what he needs and that is not going to change. "Yes, when everyone is fit, 100 per cent. But even then we always look for reinforcements, we have to and we always have. It has to be the right player and if the right player is not available at the moment, then we tend to say: 'OK, then we deal with what we have before we sign a player who is not 100 per cent'. This situation has never changed," he added.


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