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It's been a long time since the Brendan Rodgers era at Liverpool

The northers irish coach is now at Leicester. 

By Charles Cornwall

The northers irish coach is now at Leicester. 
The northers irish coach is now at Leicester. 
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Brendan Rodgers got to Liverpool back in 2012. With a team that had players like Luis Suárez, Steven Gerrard, he couldn't lift a trophy with the club, although he was close in 2014 when the Gerrard slip cost Liverpool the Premier League title. 

He was in the club for four years and things were quite different than they are now. For example, in those years, Liverpool ended up in the sixth and seventh position in the Premier League, with one second place in the 2013-14 season. 

International failure and his relationship with Klopp

At the international level, Liverpool played two times the Europa League and both times was eliminated in the last 16 stage, a complete failure considering the history of the club in Europe. 

When he left, the Klopp era begun in Liverpool and against all odds, they have a good relationship. Rodgers even declared this: “I gave Klopp my house! I told the club I was leaving to London and that he could keep the house. And he's still there, and I wish him the best” 

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