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Jurgen Klopp highlights the millions Nunez was worth after his four goals against RB Leipzig

By Charles Cornwall

Jurgen Klopp highlights the millions Nunez was worth after his four goals against RB Leipzig

Darwin Nunez managed to score four of Liverpool's five goals against RB Leipzig at the Red Bull Arena.

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German manager Jurgen Klopp highlighted the millions Liverpool FC's new striker Darwin Nunez cost after the match against RB Leipzig at the Red Bull Arena in Germany. The Reds boss indicated that a lot is always expected of players, especially when they are worth so much.

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Klopp's words

"We always think that if you pay a lot of money then the players feel no pressure or whatever. They are all completely normal human beings and the first touch is not perfect then all of a sudden… This generation of players read social media, which is really not smart, but they do. All of a sudden you get in a rush and these kinds of things. That’s the best way obviously to stop all these discussions. He’s a different striker to what we have or what we had, but he’s a really good one."

“I would have bought it actually. It’s really nice. You see everything. First half – good moments, lesser-good moments, not enough movement, we need to get used to how hard it is to play 50, 60, 70 minutes – and in the end 90 or 120. The human body is like this, you need to get used to it again. When we struggled a little bit it was always after three minutes’ break we played football again, then a deep breather and play football again.”

"And I wanted us to be a bit more hard with ourselves, go over that point, it’s pre-season. And move more. I think we did that second half obviously. Hendo came on, Millie – they both were lively. Hendo all of a sudden as an eight, went in behind and we created chances. Then Mo gives Darwin the penalty and Darwin, Pandora’s box was open. That’s of course a perfect night for him."

"Very much. We need that time now. We are not even close to where we want to be physically. We have to get there. The weather and everything is difficult, it will be difficult in Austria as well. It's good. We have to get through this, we have to work extremely hard and then we will be fine. I'm not sure if we will be fine against Salzburg because now we really go for it, but we will give it a try. The most important part of pre-season starts now.

Nunez vindicated himself with the fans and his team-mates by scoring four of the team's five goals at the start of the pre-season, which had looked difficult before the game against Leipzig because he had failed to score a goal. 

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