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Jurgen Klopp made statements that could be a warning to Allison Becker

Jurgen Klopp talked about Alison Becker and else

By Charles Cornwall

Jurgen Klopp talked about Alison Becker and else
Jurgen Klopp talked about Alison Becker and else
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Liverpool is experiencing one of the best seasons in recent years and has done so by fulfilling and showing that it is a team that is favourite to win the Premier League title. It is worth mentioning that the draw against City left the way clear for the team to continue fighting for the English championship title that has been denied them for a long time.

At the same time, Manchester City has been the dominant team in the Premier League for a couple of years and few teams have come close to surpassing them. The closest was Mikel Arteta's Arsenal, who would let important points go after a considerable drop in play. With that said, for many, there should be a new champion this year.

Similarly, the Fulham match on Sunday from Anfield will be an absolute motivation for the fans and for the players to complete the last games of 2023 in the best way. Nevertheless, this match will have some important absentees such as the case of Alison Becker. Given this, Kelleher is expected to be the right one to start against Fulham. These were Klopp's words that for some fans, are considered as a warning to Alisson Becker

Klopp's words

Despite the fact that Becker's injury is not serious at all, Kelleher's good performances and effort could be key in determining who would be Klopp's starter during this season. When asked if the player is ready to be No. 1, this was his answer according to Anything Liverpool

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