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Klopp compared Luis Díaz with Sadio Mane and talked about his potential goalscorer

By Charles Cornwall

Klopp compared Luis Díaz with Sadio Mane and talked about his potential goalscorer

Klopp is sure it will only be a matter of time before Luis Diaz finds a scoring streak at Liverpool.

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Jurgen Klopp spoke about Luis Díaz in the second part of his press conference prior to Crystal Palace. The Reds coach said he has become more comfortable with the team's set-up and style of play thanks to a full pre-season.

According to the German coach, everyone was talking about how he would play after Sadio Mane left, but in Luis Diaz he has found that potential goalscorer who can play with Mohamed Salah, Darwin Nunez or even Firmino and it wouldn't bother him no one have to change it.

Luis Diaz arrived at Liverpool last season and right now he hasn't found the goal in the official games with the team, but he had a very good preseason. Jurgen Klopp keeps him as one of his attacking pillars, either accompanying Salah or Nunez himself.

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Klopp's words

"Not with Luis specifically. We didn't take it out, 'because the other two scored and you didn't, come here, I'll show you how'. It's unnecessary. It's not even a problem, it's just the timing. that helps him, like the others. We talked about it last week when Sadio left, everyone said: 'How are you going to play without Sadio? In November and December everyone thought when he would score the next goal, but it's headline all the time, so this kind of thing."

"And when he came in, he came off a full season. But he's going to benefit from a full pre-season, obviously, because he wasn't on international duty in the summer, so he started day one with us, he's been able to do every session since then, that's what most important. And everything else will follow."

"The problem is that we sit here and talk about two games, whatever, that he hasn't scored or this kind of thing. But of course in the long term it's not a problem at all, it's about being prepared, to fight in those moments, like now the first match and now the second match will not be easy - it's home, fantastic, I can't wait for that, by the way, it's Monday night, great, all things are positive ."

“Sadio scored three goals against us, I think, when he was playing for Southampton, but it's not like he scored every week; he wasn't even a starter when he scored all three against us. So regularity came with confidence, with teammates, with the structure of our game and all that kind of stuff. That's what we're working on, so that doesn't change.”