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Klopp in trouble, his secret he didn't want anyone to know revealed

Jürgen Klopp spectacular strategies during the games

By Charles Cornwall

Jürgen Klopp spectacular strategies during the games
Jürgen Klopp spectacular strategies during the games
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As well as giving Jürgen Klopp spectacular strategies during the games he has played for Liverpool since 2015, the manager has also been a man of explosive character, with the German's virtue and flaw coming to the fore on several occasions, causing a stir inside and outside the institution as his severity has caused fines, but also great anecdotes, with James Milner recently revealing one of them.


Recently ex-Liverpool player James Milner has revealed a curious situation he experienced as a pupil of Jurgen Klopp, and according to The Anfield Talk, it is known that the veteran midfielder was scolded by the coach because of an intervention he wanted to make in the dressing room for half-time of a match, assuring Milner that Klopp is not the ideal person to share your emotions in the middle of a duel.

Although Milner was silenced by Klopp with a "shut your mouth", he cannot deny the great technical quality he has as Liverpool manager, describing Jürgen as a brilliant coach and a great man of high performance, the anecdote being just a brief history of Klopp being explosive even with his own, though of course never in a disrespectful way that damages the internal relationship within the group.

Given such a revelation from Jame Milner, it is not unusual for people from now on to think that Klopp is a manager with little patience who tends to try to correct all those mistakes that the team makes on the pitch rather than scold them, with the constant failures of the squad during the first 45 minutes these last few games setting fans' imaginations running wild as to what the atmosphere in the dressing room will be like with those kind of results being negative.


Klopp knows how to approach his great character with his players

Despite being a manager who is constantly seen shouting and making gestures of annoyance either at the referee or at his players, this manager knows how to measure his words and his character at all times, not abandoning that effusiveness and mixing it with orders to his players to try to solve the bad results, as he did against Manchester City, Fulham and Crystal Palace.