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Klopp's dilemma with Jordan Henderson over poor passing accuracy

By Charles Cornwall

Klopp's dilemma with Jordan Henderson over poor passing accuracy

Jordan Henderson's pass accuracy has been down for Liverpool in their opening two matches this season.

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Jordan Henderson joined Liverpool 11 years ago, years in which he has been the target of criticism. In the team's shortcomings, he has always borne the brunt of the fans' discontent.

Despite captaining the Reds to every trophy available, the former Sunderland midfielder has never quite convinced all corners of the fanbase. That will never change, that's life when you play for one of the biggest teams in the world.

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Although Jürgen Klopp was most bothered by the state of the pitch in the recent 2-2 draw with Fulham, the manager made it clear that what bothered him most was his team. "Playing the way we did is not how we should play, that's where my frustration comes from," he said after the game..

Passing accuracy

Henderson is part of the problems last weekend, even being fouled early in the build-up to Fulham's first goal. Liverpool fans have been critical of his recent performances, particularly when the captain has given the ball away when passing.

In the Community Shield he had the second-lowest passing accuracy percentage of any Liverpool starter, and was third worst at Fulham. The interesting thing about the most recent game is that Henderson played in two positions.

He completed 74% of his passes in the first 59 minutes before the change and 69% after, but, these numbers go against Henderson's record over the last four seasons.

One study shows that his passing accuracy has been 10 per cent lower when he has played in his usual position compared to when he has been in the centre of defence. The thing about the data is that you can cut it off at any point you want. According to FBRef, the difference is just under six per cent over the last five seasons if you include league and European games, so it's not that decisive. 

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