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Klopp's hand with strikers that gives Liverpool potential

By Charles Cornwall

Klopp's hand with strikers that gives Liverpool potential

Jürgen Klopp spoke about how he uses strikers at Liverpool and trusting them to adapt.

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Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager, explained how he boosts the play of the strikers in the team, both in the accommodation and the confidence he gives them. In addition, Klopp spoke about the development of Luis Diaz since he joined the club in January and his goalscoring potential, which he hopes will lead to a run of goals that will have the whole of Merseyside dreaming.

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Giving the example of Sadio Mane at Liverpool, Klopp recalled that he scored three goals against while playing for Southampton, but the Senegalese didn't score every week, he didn't even start when he scored the three goals, so he explained that consistency came with confidence, with team-mates, with the structure of the game, just what he's working on now.

"It's the way we play, it's the way we play, it's the way we get guys into situations. But it's the way we play, with how we position the players, how we protect them, where we win the balls back and all this kind of stuff, how the guys can use their speed in those moments when we win the balls back and this kind of stuff," Klopp said.

Luis Diaz

The Colombian striker already came close to scoring on several occasions during the opening day draw with Fulham last weekend, including a shot against the woodwork with a fine curling effort. According to the German manager, it's all a learning process, it's not something you get overnight.

He also highlighted the quality of Luis Diaz and the potential he obviously has, a fact that will help him in the long run. "That's what will happen, but we are not in the long term, we are now, and that's why I think for him, of course, you just have to score a goal, and from there, go on," he said.